Hosting the exhibit

Hosting the FigBrand exhibit

FigB®and at the Art Institute of Dallas

The FigB®and exhibit is available for display by interested parties. Business schools with marketing courses are ideal settings for the exhibit, offering students an enhanced understanding of the role and process of identity design. Corporations and other organizations with an interest in the value that visual design contributes to corporate culture and business success may also be interested.


Currently there is no charge for the exhibit. Hosting institutions typically provide installation services, including mounting the items and lighting the space. An artist reception may be arranged.

Mounted logo panels

There are more than 60 logos available in the exhibit. Each symbol is mounted on 11×17 inch white polystyrene. The lightweight panels can be hung easily without wall damage in a foyer, gallery or hallway.

Concept sheets showing the “how” of a logo design project

Part of the exhibit is a display of the process of logo development. A series of 11×17 working drawings shows the process of creating a symbol for Norman Architects.

Guest lectures

In addition, designer David Fiegenschue is available as a guest lecturer in conjunction with the exhibit. Topics can include practical information about working with design firms, more about the logo development process, and a Q&A. For more information about hosting the exhibit or lectures, contact FigDesign at 972-259-5900.