An exhibit of logo and branding design that promotes the value of design in business.

logo designFigB®and is an exhibit of logo and trademark design by David Fiegenschue, president of FigDesign.

The exhibit is available for display in business schools, colleges, universities, corporations, galleries and other organizations with an interest in the value that visual design contributes to corporate culture and business success.

Why an exhibit of logo design?

Visual design plays an increasingly important role in marketing, for all sizes and types of businesses and organizations. A company’s logo is the centerpiece of its visual brand — a unique symbol that represents the company and evokes an emotional response from viewers. A strong logo, consistently applied, has a positive effect. Likewise, a weak or unprofessional mark communicates a negative message.

Designed for business

Many business degree programs neglect visual design, an important facet of marketing strategy. Design is often marginalized as decorative or superficial. While a logo is not the business itself, a strong visual mark captures the “soul” of a company and communicates it emotionally. This can have a powerful effect on potential and current customers.

The exhibit focuses on this value of identity design in the marketplace. These real-world examples, developed by a designer with decades of business experience, represent the benefits that conscious visual branding delivers.

Hosting the exhibition

For more information about hosting the exhibit or guest lectures by David Fiegenschue, contact FigDesign at 972-259-5900.